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Products that are rare/ exclusive tend to have unusually high expectations attached to them. The high end residential market depends highly upon reputation.  MicroSeal is a product that achieves that goal.  It is rare, exclusive and greatly dependent upon reputation.  Therefore, managing client expectations is critical to the name of MicroSeal.  Although it protects well, people tend to believe that MicroSeal creates as supernatural force field around fibers protecting them from anything.  So the question is: How should the service tech help the clients appreciate the actual performance of the product with expectations. Expectations should equalize performance


Recently we came across a situation where a customer spilled a substantial amount of red wine on a stark white delicate cotton dining room chair.  The wine immediately soaked into the fabric.  The client had been under the impression that products such as wine would neither soak into the fabric, nor would he need to use anything but water to deal with the stain.  The client had other delicate cotton furnishings in his home. He was also disappointed because of spotting issues on these pieces.  Ultimately he client was able to remove the red wine stain using product Resolve, but this caused cellulosic browning damage.  Because of client expectations they became very upset.  He complained to the referring designer and other parties involved thus seriously damaging the reputation of MicroSeal.  However, the MicroSeal product did its job in preventing permanent damage to the fabric.

While I don’t know how the other MicroSeal rep sold the product, this provides a valuable lesion.  All service techs would do well to emphasize that regular cleaning should be part of the care package.  They should also remind the clients that the protected pieces is still susceptible to staining (all the more so with delicate peaces). It is best for clients to let a professionals handle more serious spotting –thus preventing permanent damage.  MicroSeal will in many instances protect against household problems preventing permanent damage.  But is does not create a force field!  It is my belief that the peace was saved because the fabric was protected.  However, what was permanently damaged were relationships and reputation.  MicroSeal must not be over sold, but it should be sold properly.  It is my recommendation that the service technicians be given a checklist to fill out when involving the client with the wonderful product MicroSeal.

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