Procyon San San Mateo’s Cleaning Product of the Future


In the formative years, of in San Mateo, we at Christiansen’s have constantly ran into this dilemma.  How do we leave carpets sparkly clean carpets without leaving chemically residues in the carpet?  Cleaning products do a great job of cleaning carpets.  However as you know, cleaning products tend to leave a residue.  That is  especially if not properly neutralized.


Some of the industry’s professional products do a great job of cleaning and do not leave much residue.  We have had long discussions with our venders ans industry leaders about the issue of residue.  Finally, we ran across a little known supplier, ‘Plus Manufacturing‘.  This product leaves no residue that will attract soils.  So Years ago, before the green revolution took, off Christiansen’s started using a soap free product Called Procyon Plus by .  We haven’t looked back scene.

Christiansen’s Cleaning Product  Details

Procyon is a powerful, non-detergent, water soluble degreaser, formulated with a soft water conditioner. We at Christiansen’s Service have had much positive feedback from our most allergy and chemical sensitive customers.  Last year we had feedback from a customer visiting from Texas checking on some investment property.   She was practically a shut in because of health concerns.  Her husband as a owned a carpet cleaning company.  Expecting the worst she was pleasantly suprised tha our product didn’t bother her at all.  Soap Free Procyon is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic formula.

Soap Free Procyon is designed with a water softening agent to penetrate and dissolve the toughest grease, protein, dirt and oil stains fast! We at Christensen’s will actually keep your carpet cleaner longer because there is no soapy sticky residue left in your carpets for soil to stick to.

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